Wide-Open Opportunity

Genie Gateway holds the Key to Unlocking a Wide-Open Opportunity by using its patented technology to create a unique environment where customers can communicate and send and receive payments, globally, in real-time through Telecommunications, eCommerce, Cable TV, and High Speed Internet, integrated on one platform into One Unified Solution.

Genie Gateway focuses on the un-banked and underserved businesses and consumers. By consolidating merchant services, Telecommunications, Cable TV and High Speed Internet providers, Genie Gateway's forward-looking platform blends the products and services needed to operate a business - traditionally purchased from several vendors - into one seamless service.


GenieAPG - Genie Accounts Payable Gateway
Provisional Filing
United States 4008.2.9EPROV
Filed July 1, 2016

Combined GenieCheck and Check22
Non-Provisional Filing
United States 4008.2.8ENP
Filed September 1, 2015

GenieCheck and Check22 System and Method
Provisional Filing
United States 62046837
Filed September 5, 2014

Genie PayBack System and Method
United States 61978511
Filed April 11, 2014

The Genie CashBox
United States 61892688
Filed October 18, 2013

Genie UPN - Unified Phone Number
United States 13593048
Filed August 23, 2012
Issued October 3, 2013

Genie Gateway - Interactive Communications System
United States 13437758
Filed April 2, 2012
Issued October 4, 2012

United States 61470617
Filed April 1, 2011

About Genie Gateway

Genie Gateway integrates Telecommunications, eCommerce, Cable TV, High Speed Internet, into a Unified Solution.

  • Genie Gateway is U.S. registered company, trading on the U.S. OTC stock market under the symbol (OTC BB: GGWY) and filing regular reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

  • Genie Gateway has two operating subsidiaries, Summit Digital Inc., and Genie Gateway:

  • Summit Digital Inc is a Multi-System Operator providing Cable TV, High Speed Internet, and related services, targeting rural communities as a specific high-growth market within the Cable Television and high speed internet industry.

  • Genie Gateway is a forward-looking unified communications and payment processing platform, blending the products and services needed to operate a business, traditionally purchased from several vendors, into one seamless service. Genie Gateway is aimed squarely at businesses and individuals who want a fully rounded presence on the internet and by phone, without the cost and complexity of the build-it-yourself approach.

  • Genie Gateway is an interactive multimedia communications hub, featuring a digital buffet of unified solutions; combining the benefits of having a website fully accessible from any internet enabled device, with voice, text, video, document messaging, virtual fax, group communications, including an online store, a shopping cart with a virtual point of sale, and a CashBox with a GenieChecking account, plus the most robust Virtual Office, as one unified solution.

  • Cable Television and Bundled Services

    Cable television is a critical communication link, offering services that once were considered luxuries and are now seen as necessities. Summit uses this valuable link allows us to offer services including television, telephone, high speed Internet and video surveillance, with even more new and sophisticated services rapidly becoming available. These services are taken for granted and are a normal feature of everyday life in urban and suburban areas, and are in high demand. In rural America the penetration of many of these proven services remains relatively low, presenting a real opportunity for providers with the ability to bundle desirable services into cost-effective packages. This is the market that Summit Digital aims to serve.

    The Rural America Opportunity

    Large cable companies generally overlook the rural market, where the population density and demographics are poorly suited to expensive technology developed to serve high-density markets, and they see these markets as unable to return enough to make investment worthwhile. Rural communities that do have cable television are in many cases being served by under financed, heavily indebted operators who do not have the capacity to invest in delivering new services that can form a competitive package. Many of these systems assumed that they would be bought out by major players, which is unlikely in today’s financial environment. The demand for high speed Internet and other services ideally suited to bundled delivery over cable infrastructure continues to increase, creating a substantial opportunity for cable operators designed from the ground up to provide cost-effective, profitable service packages to rural markets.

    Wireless Internet

    Summit also is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). We have had wireless Internet systems in Michigan for over three years and recently acquired Wireless Broadband of Oklahoma (WBOK). This industry is one that Summit will aggressively pursue in the coming year. The combination of technology breakthroughs with new-sophisticated hardware at cost effective pricing opens up even more of our target market being rural America. Wireless allows us to provide Internet service beyond our cable infrastructure as much as 30 miles and in many areas where there is no cable system at all.

    Recession-proof Business

    Americans regard cable and Internet services as a necessity, and rely on them to replace more expensive entertainment such as vacations and nights out. Cable and Internet companies do not only survive in recessions, they thrive.

    Government Support

    The Obama administration is implementing an ambitious, well-funded plan to increase high speed Internet penetration in rural communities. Companies with the ability to offer bundled cable and high speed Internet services and to serve as authorized Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP). We are well positioned to benefit from this support.

    The Management Team
    Genie Gateway places great pride in the core team operating its business. The stability of Genie Gateway's management group is a fundamental principle of the company's operating philosophy. Equally as important, the breadth and depth of experience each team member brings to the organization are crucial elements in Genie Gateway's plans for future growth and development.

    Management experience in the telecommunications and financial services arenas is extensive, but managers also bring a wealth of knowledge from other areas as well. This wide ranging talent pool allows Genie Gateway to extend its business model into areas of modern life that would not normally be visible to purely technical or purely financial thinkers.
    President, Director and Chief Executive Officer
    Thomas E. Skala
    Thomas Skala has more than 30 years of experience in high-technology and financial services. Beginning in the mid 1970's, Skala has served as the key leader and guiding force of a series of successful companies, several publicly owned. From 1974 to 1977 Skala was President of MCB Systems, a provider of a private label credit card services nationwide. In 1976 Mr. Skala founded Electronic Financial Systems, which in 1981 became Electronic Clearing House. Mr. Skala served as both President and Chairman for ten years of the two related firms: Electronic Clearing House, an electronic credit card processing company, which was sold to Intuit, (NASADAQ: INTU); and General Credit Leasing Corporation, a provider of specialty equipment and leasing services for point-of-sale and other transaction management devices.

    In 1989 Skala became Chairman of InfoUSA, which position he continues to maintain to the present day. AllCom was created as a subsidi ary of InfoUSA in 1997, and was spun off in March 2007 as part of its future plans for going public. Skala has served as Chief Executive Officer of AllCom since its inception in 1997.

    Thomas E. Skala is the main inventor of the technology utilized by AllCom, and is registered as an inventor with the US Patent Office, with both pending and issued patents, including but not limited to:

    GenieCheck and Check22 System and Method
    United States 62046837
    Filed September 5, 2014

    Genie PayBack System and Method
    United States 61978511
    Filed April 11, 2014

    The Genie CashBox
    United States 61892688
    Filed October 18, 2013

    Genie UPN - Unified Phone Number
    United States 13593048
    Filed August 23, 2012
    Issued October 3, 2013

    Genie Gateway - Interactive Communications System
    United States 13437758
    Filed April 2, 2012
    Issued October 4, 2012

    United States 61470617
    Filed April 1, 2011
    Vice President, Director and Chief Technology Officer
    Stuart C. Scamman
    Holding Bachelor's degrees in both Political Science and Sociology from UCLA, and a Master's degree in Computer Sciences from Cal State University Northridge, Stuart Scamman brings more than just his equally impressive technical skill set to AllCom. Beginning in the mid 1980's, Scamman started as a PC application designer and systems manager for such businesses as Northrop Corporation and Executive Life Insurance, as well as numerous client companies as a consultant.

    Scamman entered the telecom field in 1988 at Telecom Technologies, where he developed telecommunications software on a variety of platforms. He was also responsible for developing and maintaining large, integrated database applications in conjunction with the telecom programs. Scamman joined InfoUSA in 1993, where he began the process of transforming the core vision of a "partner" system into working lines of computer code and real-world, usable products. In 1997 Mr. Sca mman assumed the position of Chief Technology Officer for AllCom.

    Scamman remains today the chief architect of AllCom's product designs and overall technical strategy. In today's world of musical-chair style technology assignments, Scamman's continuity of vision and design philosophy has been indispensable in giving AllCom's product line a consistent look and feel, as well as thorough integration.
    Vice President, Director and Chief Operating Officer
    Randall L. Skala
    Randall Skala began more than a decade ago accumulating the experience that brings him to his present position, with a clear focus on the leading edge convergence of telecommunications and information. As Technical Support Manager for Infotainment Network, he developed a powerful understanding of maintaining a full-time, always ready, information delivery service. From there, Skala went on to become Technical and Operations manager of Infotrust Telco, a provider of national and international calling card and value-add telecom services, before moving up to VP of Operations.

    Randall Skala was a key leader in the formation of AllCom in 1997, helming the incorporation process and laying down many of the key operational guidelines by which the company operates today. Since then, he served as AllCom's vice president and has brought his background in high-stress telecom operations to bear on the challenges of daily operations for the company 's 24 by 7, nationwide switching infrastructure.
    Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    Mark Newgreen
    Mr. Newgreen has spent 25 years in public accounting, commercial finance, commercial real estate, consulting and over the last ten years has built a track record of successful turn-around and start-up assignments. Mark began his career at KPMG Peat Marwick and during his 12 years in public accounting he performed and managed hundreds of audit, review and due diligence (agreed upon procedures) engagements. Clients included but were not limited to companies in high tech, manufacturing, distribution, real estate, construction, lending institutions, and escrow companies. In the later years approximately 50% of his time was spent managing due diligence engagements for various banks, commercial finance companies and factors.

    In 1999, Mr. Newgreen capitalized on his niche performing due diligence for asset based lenders and accepted the position of Senior VP Underwriting at one of his clients, Coast Business Credit. During the time Mark wor ked for Coast Business Credit its portfolio grew from $70MM to approximately $1 Billion. Mr. Newgreen performed write-ups approved by Credit Committee for a wide variety of loans from $2MM to $30MM, in many different industries and involving all types of collateral including, accounts receivable, inventory, fixed assets, real estate and subscriber base. He also performed write-ups for Coast’s participations in larger syndicated Wall Street transactions. Mark worked closely with appraisal firms, environmental firms and various lawyers that prepared the documents for his deals.

    Mark subsequently spent several years as CFO of Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisory Services where he was involved with valuations, feasibility studies, and various repositioning analysis. He also assisted with raising both debt and equity capital for a variety of development projects. Mark was a licensed realtor and passed the California Real Estate Brokers exam although it was never actually necessary to serve as Broker t hus he never completed the Broker license application.

    Until very recently Mr. Newgreen was Chief Financial Officer of Cascade Finance Partners, a growing investment banking / private equity group which acquired or started up numerous companies in a variety of industries. Cascade's portfolio included GameWorks Entertainment (acquired from Sega during Mark's tenure), JBC Entertainment (Jillian's chain bolted onto the Sega Acquisition), Colorlabs Enterprises, IOG Products (impact sensors for shipping), CDC Data (Scanners), Kamako Manufacturing (proprietary equipment used on oil rigs) to name a few.

    Mr. Newgreen is a California licensed Certified Public Accountant and holds a bachelor's degree from California State University, Fullerton with concentrations in both accounting and management information systems. Previously, Mark spent 3 years studying at University of California, Irvine in its Engineering and Computer Science departments.
    Director of Web and Database Administration
    Lowell McMahan
    Following a 22-year career with defense contractor ITT Gilfillan, Lowell McMahan joined the AllCom team in 1997 as senior software engineer in charge of developing the company's web presence. More than simply putting a "pretty face" on web pages, McMahan has brought his tremendous experience to bear on connecting the web presentation to AllCom's numerous 'back-end' databases. McMahan configures and maintains database backup and real-time replication for improved performance and reliability.

    McMahan's applications development and data structuring experience are vital to AllCom meeting the considerable challenge of marrying traditional data sources with user friendly web accessibility combined with the reliability and speed requirements of a large-scale communications network.

    McMahan holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Cal State University Northridge, which he achieved in 1997. His theoretical work has been foundational for many of AllCom's present and future plans, and now to Genie Gateway's plans.

    President - Genie TV
    Tom Nix
    Tom Nix has been involved in the Cable Television industry since 1984 and has worked in all aspects of the cable television industry including negotiating cable franchise and private cable television agreements in Florida, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nevada, Arizona, California and Michigan. In addition, Mr. Nix also managed and worked with his team in the actual construction and management of the daily operations of these cable systems.

    Tom Nix has purchased and sold cable television systems to Comcast, Dimension, United Satellite, Cox, Prime and Atec, and is recognized industry wide. Mr. Nix has also been on the Board of Directors and was co-founder of Summit Digital, New Alliance Broadband, Datavision, Telecable, Telecast and Visioncomm.

    In the past ten years Mr. Nix has owned and operated cable television franchise systems, and has been both in the business of providing hard line and wireless internet services in Michigan and Oklahoma. As a member of WISPA he continues to aggressively pursue the under developed rural high speed broadband markets and now with the new Genie TV services, begin offering Unified Communications and eCommerce, enabling cable television and high speed internet providers, the ability to introduce Genie services to their subscriber base.

    Chief Technology Officer - Genie TV
    Roger Pace
    Roger Pace has worked within the cable television and telephone industries for the past 25 years. He has served as Director and Vice President of Engineering for Datavison, and as designer for Value Added Communications. Mr. Pace holds several pending patents for new technologies in the Cable industry.

    He has designed and created programs for meter reading over the cable, fully addressable monitored security via cable, ad insertion technology and his own custom-designed TV channel guide, Cable TV head ends and distribution networks for private and franchised systems. Mr. Pace has extensive experience with assisting field technicians in isolating, diagnosing, and correcting complex field problems.

    Mr. Pace will play a key role in all software and hardware decisions, and his expertise as well as his relationships with many leaders in the technical end of our industry will play a vital role in our growth as a company.

    Our Mission

    1. To concentrate on providing services based on added value, enhanced telecommunications, financial services, and information to businesses, professionals and consumers.

    2. To focus on the type of services which can be dispensed through the use of telephones, the internet, VoIP, ATMs, fax machines, wireless devices, and cable TV.

    3. To concentrate in four specific fields:

    • Unified Solutions
    • Unified Communications
    • Electronic Banking and E-Commerce
    • The Internet and Information based services

    4. To originate and/or private label all services and products to be marketed, either directly to the end users or indirectly through resellers and marketing alliances.

    5. To develop services for the local, national and international markets made available to customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through a touch-tone telephone, ATMs, VoIP, and the internet.

    6. To structure the revenues generated in the form of residual income, transaction or monthly fees as residual income. When possible, these fees would be prepaid or collected via electronic funds transfer and other forms of automated billing.

    7. Enter into relationships with marketing partners in which we provide the service, they provide the marketing, and we all share in the revenues.

    The Genie Gateway Vision

    Genie Gateway has concentrated on expanding its vision beyond today's norm in two very important ways: seamless integration and wide distribution. The first fundamental principle of the Genie Gateway vision is already a working reality, while application of the second is well underway.

    First Principle - A Truly Seamless System MUST Operate On A Truly Integrated Platform. Genie Gateway has many competitors supporting some subset of the features we offer. None support our full set of capabilities, and all treat those service combinations as separate functions to be tied together, (often with string and bailing wire).

    To grasp the inherent superiority of the Universal Office platform, it is crucial to understand the simple fact that it actually IS a unified platform. Rather than grafting a call processing package onto an email function and then tying those to a debit card system, Genie Gateway combined all of those functions, and more, into a single Unified Solution information processing system. Genie Gateway moves information not from one system to another, but from one purpose to another within one system.

    Because of its unified approach, the Universal Office platform handles transactions more rapidly, at lower costs than its rivals, allows for combinations of services not possible with post-bundled systems, and guarantees that future feature additions will remain as fully integrated as current services.

    Second Principle - Integrated Distribution Of Processing Is Vital To Growth And Scalability.

    As important as full integration is, it need not - indeed must not - mean that only a single, gargantuan system serves as the nucleus or all processing. Such an approach would mean that growth cannot proceed past a very short point.

    For this reason, Genie Gateway is focusing a great deal of attention on the complete integration of the Gateway into the Universal Office platform. In the new architecture, the majority of the features now provided through the central host processors of the Universal Office will be handled on a distributed basis by individual Gateways downloaded to our subscribers' computers all around the world.

    BSA -AML Compliance

    Genie Gateway recognizes the need for a robust compliance Program. Towards that end, we employ industry best practices while employing our Anti-Money Laundering ("AML") program. All of our clients are held to a high standard for customer identification and monitoring. We have established standards for knowing who are customers are and the nature of the business that they are transacting. We engage an outside firm to review the effectiveness of our overall AML compliance program on an annual basis and we monitor all activity for suspicious activity. In addition, we regularly monitor all new legislative, regulatory, and accounting changes to ensure that we are in full compliance at all times.

    About the Genie Gateway

    Genie Gateway’s Genie Gateway is the most forward-looking unified communications and payment processing service to date. Blending products and services needed to operate a business, traditionally purchased from several vendors, into one seamless service, the Genie Gateway is aimed squarely at businesses and individuals who want a fully rounded presence on the internet and by phone, without the cost and complexity of the build-it-yourself approach.

    Genie Gateway is an interactive multimedia communications hub, featuring a digital buffet of unified solutions; combining the benefits of having a website fully accessible from any internet enabled device, with voice, text, video, document messaging, virtual fax, group communications, including an online store, a shopping cart with a virtual point of sale, and a CashBox with a GenieChecking account, plus the most robust Virtual Office, as one unified solution.

    Genie Gateway Brochure        Genie Gateway Videos

    About Genie TV

    Genie TV Recovers Idle Advertising Assets for Media Providers and helps Companies Monetize Their "Missed Opportunities"

    Genie TV, the next step in a suite of solutions offered by Genie Gateway, linking tens of thousands of unbanked merchants and their customers to the world of eCommerce. Designed to both disrupt traditional methods of eCommerce and engage an entire new class of merchants, Genie TV is also a mechanism for media providers to recoup profits from lost advertising.

    Cable TV companies, Wireless Internet providers, Radio Stations, and Newspapers, all have inventories of a 'Perishable Commodities' - their unsold advertising. That's an asset that just disappears if not sold before airtime or publication, and can't be banked... until now.

    Traditionally, media providers with unsold advertising space or airtime run 'house ads' to fill the void, Genie TV gives them an alternative, with an opportunity to convert that unsold advertising into long term residual revenues, while helping Unbanked Merchants and millions of individuals learn about new solutions and new ways they can join today's eCommerce / online society.

    Genie TV will provide videos, commercials, and infomercials, which can replace unsold advertising and when new customers subscribe to the service, anytime they make a purchase, from any merchant, our advertising partners will generate residual income on all sales conducted by the merchants and for purchases made by consumers.

    Genie TV will create an entirely new source of profit for the media provider, by tying them directly into the economic activity of an almost completely untapped market, for nothing more than the use of an existing 'lost' asset.

    Genie TV will radically change the way Media Providers realize revenues from their "lost opportunities".

    Please visit these links, for a sample of the Genie TV advertising.

    GenieCard Video
    GenieCard in 60 Seconds
    GenieCard in 90 Seconds

    Joining the Genie Gateway Family - Mergers and Acquisitions

    Many entrepreneurs and small businesses find themselves facing a familiar predicament: They've built a solid, profitable business, but it's reached the limits of its growth and the future looks flat. They can't break out of the market they are in, or they can't offer the equity share to attract the new talent they need, or they're too small to swing the financing to build to that next level, and way too small to "go public." Or maybe they've just taken the business as far as they ever wanted to - they're ready to move on to other things, but have not found the right exit strategy.

    If this sounds familiar, Genie Gateway may have a solution.

    Take Part in Building the Future

    Sound simple? ABC Telecom and XYZ Financial Corp have each been around for a number of years. Just throw them together and you've got it, right?


    There's a lot more to making one service out of these pieces than just throwing them into a box. No one would toss an engine, wheels and a chassis into a garage and expect them magically to become a high performance race car!

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    Genie Gateway continues to refine and develop technology while expanding market-share through marketing and strategic acquisition. Genie Gateway is committed to a process of internal, organic growth - building and growing our own solutions WHERE IT MAKES SENSE. But we also are continuing to build our business through judicious business combinations. We refine and develop technology while expanding through marketing and strategic acquisition. We find the best and most valuable people, companies, ideas and products in our industry, and then bring them into the Genie Gateway fold. At the same time, we carefully build the bridges that connect and integrate those acquisitions into one organization.

    Corporate combinations: How to make 1 + 1 = 11

    Very often, the only things limiting a small company's growth are basic overhead and access to resources. Being part of the Genie Gateway family brings economy of scale. Eliminate duplicate overhead and everyone profits. Bring in the ability to fully develop that one "killer application" and the market opens - usually exponentially. That's how we improve technology to secure the future. Build a larger & better team with experience and relationships in more markets. Bake a larger pie for everyone.

    A Piece of the Rock

    Attracting the talent you need to grow the business further - to develop that great idea, or even to just keep the wheels on - takes something beyond a checkbook. Good people require more than just a salary. They want to participate in the future of the company to build equity.

    Exit Strategy

    As a principal in a small business, when the time comes that you want to sell, you must find someone who is interested not simply in investing, but in stepping into your shoes. By contrast, when you have stock in a publicly owned company you can divide it with your partners, family members, or sell the shares on the public market more easily and for better value. You don't have to find your replacement.

    We've done it before and we'll do it again.

    During the last six months, Genie Gateway has successfully completed the acquisition which enabled us to integrate Telecommunications, eCommerce, Cable TV, and High Speed Internet into a single Unified Solution. We know the right path to bring the right people and the right companies into the right place at the right time. In short: we get it RIGHT.

    What are we looking for?

    Genie Gateway is always on the lookout for companies and talented people in any of these areas:

    • Direct marketing companies
    • Wireless service providers
    • Companies with distribution channels
    • Credit / Debit Card Processors
    • Email service providers
    • Financial services to the "unbanked"
    • Check Cashing services providers
    • Merchant Service Providers / ISOs
    • Prepaid ATM card issuers / providers
    • Rural Cable TV and Internet providers
    • Stored value service providers
    • High Speed Internet service providers
    • Unified communications providers
    • Armored Car service providers

    We're interested in acquiring and/or developing a relationship with the best businesses and the brightest people who have what we need, and providing what they need to take it to the next level - in a Unified Telecommunications, eCommerce, Cable TV, and High Speed Internet industry.

    If you are a Principal in a small cable TV, merchant services provider, a stored-value services company anywhere in North America, and wish to explore the possibility of becoming part of the Genie Gateway family, please call or email:

    Telephone : 800-783-0000 Ext. 6200

    Email address : Email address: